Retired Workforce in the Temporary Staffing Industry

Running a generalist recruitment agency over a number of years, 4 years ago I managed to gain a couple of clients in the car Industry, one a motor auction company, the other a new lease car distributor. Both had issues previously with time keeping, professionalism and appearance.

I started advertising and recruiting and the bulk of the responses were from retired people who were looking for 2-3 days per week. These were people from professional backgrounds, IT, ex police, ex forces, miners, teachers, sales people, management, engineers that although retired , had had their holidays, decorated the house a number of times and were just wanting something a few days a week to keep them occupied or even earn extra money. Car Driving is obviously something that they can do that gets them out and about.

This suited my clients and myself as a lot of the bookings I receive are day to day and the numbers of drivers required vary.

As the car industry clients deal a lot with each other, I then gained more and more clients through referrals which has now led to recruiting more retired /semi retired drivers. 75% of my business is now purely in the car industry, dealerships, auction sites, lease Companies, rental Companies and over 60% of my workforce are over 55 years old, 60 drivers of which are over 65, the oldest being 73.

The benefits of this workforce in my opinion are;

  • A lot of years driving experience

  • A lot of years dealing with different types of people

  • A lot of different skills from different backgrounds

  • Smartly dressed

  • Professional, polite

  • Flexible

  • Reliable

  • Fantastic work ethic

  • Punctual

Obviously not all retired people have the above criteria and I have interviewed many people with the opposite qualities, however generally speaking the majority want to work, either for financial reasons or just to keep occupied. Most like driving all types of cars, new cars, executive cars and seeing a lot of the UK at the same time. They make new friends with other staff that they see again at various clients. The work is relatively stress free, enjoyable and a lot of my drivers after a couple of weeks want to increase their days to 4 or 5. They obviously want to earn money, however for a lot, they want to contribute again in the work place.

One has to be careful not to become ageist the other way, as there a lot of younger staff that also fit the criteria however regarding work experience, life experience and suitability, the retired market has definitely been a huge asset to me and will hopefully continue.